Commands List

Member Commands:

/list                                     – allows you to see list of online players
/marry list                          – allows you to see list of all married players
/marry heal                        – allows you to use half of your HP to heal your spouse
/toggleshout                      – allows you to toggle between [LOCAL] and [ALL] chat modes
/blockprot settings           – allows you to change your default block protection settings (Shift + Right-Click if you want to change per protected block)
/excellentenchants list     – allows you to see all custom enchants that can be acquired, their levels, and how they scale per level
/home homename            – teleports you to home named homename
/homes                               – lists all the homes you have saved
/delhome homename       – deletes home named homename from your saved homes
/sethome homename       – saves a home named homename to your saved homes
/tpa playername                – teleports you to player named playername, if they accept
/tpahere playername        – teleports player named playername to you, if they accept
/tpacancel                          – cancels any tpa requests you made
/tpaaccept                          – accepts latest incoming tpa requests
/warp warpname               – teleports you to a public warp
/warps                                 – lists all the warps that exist in the server
/lag                                      – shows lag info about the server (Available to keep server performance transparent but please don’t spam)
/spawn                                – teleports you to spawnpoint of server
/ptp playername                – teleports you to player named playername that is in your party, autoaccepts so be careful!
/xpw xL                               – withdraws x Levels from your xp
/xpw x                                 – withdraws x xp from your total xp
/xpw all                               – withdraws all your xp
/afk                                      – marks you as afk and removes you from being counted as “awake”
/msg playername msg     – sends the private message, msg, to player named playername
/r msg                                 – sends the reply, msg, to player who last private messaged you
!msg                                    – sends message, msg, to [ALL] chat
/trade playername            – sends a trade request to player named playername

VIP Commands:

/back                                  – teleports you to the place you were before using /tpa  /home /spawn /warp /top
/nick  colorcodename      – allows you to change the color of your name using a color code before your name. Ex1: /nick &4heat200      Ex2: /nick &#F36245heat200   
                                               (Supports HEX and Minecraft color codes)
/sethome                           – you have 2 bonus homes as a VIP member 🙂
/top                                     – teleports you to the top of where you’re standing
/craft                                   – opens up a crafting table without needing one to be place or in your inventory!
/condense                          – automatically condenses all ores in your inventory into blocks to help save space!
/editsign                             – allows you to edit the sign you’re looking at, supports the same color codes as /nick
/cosmetic                          – allows you to set any cosmetics onto your player from the gui