1. NO cheating in the Minecraft server (X-Ray, Auto-clickers, Fly hacks, etc)
2. NO griefing other players or their bases
3. NO killing other players or their animals/pets


Breaking the rules will put you in jail/prison!
Cheating (Any Offense) = 168hrs
Griefing (Bigger offense) or breaking Rule #4 = 126hrs
Killing non-consenting player = 84hrs
Killing someone’s pet = 42hrs
Griefing (Smaller offense) = 21hrs

**Repeated offenses receive DOUBLE the penalty**

Community Service System

1 Stack of Mob drops = -30min
1 Stack of Animal Produce = -10min
1 Stack of Garden Produce = -5min

Adjustment to your sentence is to be made 1 time every half day, in the Prison Warden’s timezone.