SMP v1 Patch History

SMP Day 33 Patch Notes
– Fixed some bugs
– Updated Level 500+ Warden drop table for it’s rarest drop:
  Heart of The One

SMP Day 32 Patch Notes
– Wardens Lvl 100+ now drop some extra loot that scales with their difficulty! 50% drop chance for these special items to help prepare you for the next tiers of Wardens (100s | 200s | 300s | 400s | 500s)
– In order of what they drop:
– Lvl 100s: Special Netherite Boots (Has Toughness bonus, Gives bonus hearts, Unbreakable)
– Lvl 200s: Special Netherite Helmet (Has Toughness bonus, Gives bonus hearts, Unbreakable)
– Lvl 300s: Special Netherite Leggings (Has Toughness bonus, Gives bonus hearts, Unbreakable)
– Lvl 400s: Special Netherite Chestplate (Has Toughness bonus, Gives bonus hearts, Unbreakable)
– Lvl 500s: Special Elytra (Matches toughness and armor of Netherite Chestplate, Gives bonus hearts, Unbreakable)
– Lvl 500s: Small chance to drop a piece or it’s entire heart, when held it gives a piece of it’s life force to the player (Bonus hearts!)
– Jetpack Cosmetic
– Future Wings Cosmetic
– Kite Cosmetic
– Increased maximum allowed cost of using Anvil, now you can make more use of enchant books or combine your old equipment into the new ones you can get through defeating the Wardens
– Some new music discs, some through creeper-skeleton kill method, some through loot generation, and some through fragments from different loot tables, new reasons to explore if you like having custom discs!

SMP Day 27 Patch Notes
– Fixed Dragonfire arrow radius being cut in half
– Added Spark diagnostic software, this will allow me to pinpoint problem areas and adjust to lag causing issues
– Added custom despawn timers for certain items (Cobble, dirt, guardian drops so that they cause less lag at farmers)
– Increased item capture radius
– Removed Villager discount cap
– Increased entity tracking so custom entities should be visible from further away
– Increased mob limit per player back to 70 but now counts mobs from spawners in this limit
– Removed levelledmobs chunk limit 🙂

– Decapitator spawneggs can no longer be acquired from eggs
– Decapitator Spawneggs can now be acquired from spawners! Now you can farm up an army to make a cool mob base, defense mechanism or raise them in a home lol
– Increased Boss level cap, and gave WARDENS some more boss-type feeling in strength + some chance for some cool unique drops (Becareful, scales up to Lvl 500 with custom names to symbolize their difficulty!)

– Added startup script, if server crashes the server will now auto restart 🙂

SMP Day 26 Patch Notes
– Fixed Enchant Remover
– Added /editsign
– Added /condense

SMP Day 20 Patch Notes
– Made Ballistas functional
– Added Catapults to recipe (They are functional, pls no abuse)
– Added weapon racks (Sword Rack, Bow Rack, Arrow Bucket) that give unlimited iron swords, bows, and arrows respectively (Swords and Bow only if hand is empty)

– ADDED SERVER WHITELIST, ping me if I haven’t added you within 10min from this message lol

SMP Day 19 Patch Notes
– We’re now using a resource pack and a couple new plugins that add the following:
– [Recipes in Minecraft] Added Basic furnitures based off different types of wood
– [Recipes in Minecraft] Added Basic Coffee Table with glass in the middle
– [Missing Recipe] Added Basic Grave for decoration/ambience
– [Missing Some Recipes] Added so many other types of furniture and props!
– Added some QoL changes and ambience changes to the resource pack
– Bookshelves, Rails, Ladders, Sugarcane, and Iron Bars are now 3D
– Saplings shows growth visually
– Levers show more clearly when they are in “OFF” position
– Tools now show their damage visually!
– Amethyst, Crops, and Kelp show when they are at max growth!
– Changed local chat [L] to [Local]
– Changed shout chat [Shout] to [ALL]
– You can now craft a special item to destroy specific enchants you don’t like or want!

SMP Day 17 (Mini Update) Patch Notes
– Chat now defaults to global
– Use ! infront of message to make chat global
– /toggleshout to swap between default shout or local 🙂
– TP cooldowns are now 15s
– TP only takes 1.5s, down from 3s
– Speeders slightly slower to fix bug with them (Endermen, cave spider, spider)
– Trading is now global with /trade
– Leveled mob titles are fixed for higher levels
– Added new WorldGuard flags (I can disable item durabilities with this in prison)

Patch Notes Day 15
– Increased size of /nick (Now Adrien can change his name color! lol)
– Speeders (Enderman, Spiders, Cave Spiders) give 2x more XP now
– Baby Mobs give 5x more XP
– Wither Kill sound radius is now 500 blocks instead of universal lol
– Dragon kill sound should be 1000 radius now instead of universal
– Increased monster spawn limit to 40 per player
– Increased mob spawn distance to 6 chunks from 5
– Adjusted launch flags to give a bit more ram for our dragon fight (Good luck to us, it might be the easiest or the hardest lol)

Patch Notes Day 14
– Lowered MCMMO Anvil sound
– Added Priests as a server role (Reniora)
– Changed Ender Sight to look like Magma Cream (This way it won’t fly away)
– Doubled Levelled mobs allowed to be killed in a chunk and reduced the cooldown 30s -> 15s
– Added a new [VIP] feature, you can now change the color of text in signs and messages. You can now also change your name color with /nick 😀
– /warps is now allowed to see list of warps in the world

Patch Notes Day 13
– Levelled Mobs are back with Babies fixed I hope (100 Mob kill limit per chunk. Refreshes in 60s. During the cooldown, xp is reduced to NORMAL this is so that this plugin does less work and is less prone to causing lag or crashes)
– Dynmap upgraded to use sqlite should give a faster experience when using the map online 🙂
– Dynmap now shows player beds
– Readded GSit plugin which allows (/emote happy, /sit, /lay, /bellyflop, /crawl, right-clicking certain blocks allows you to sit on them (stair cases, slabs, big drip leaves, carpets, snow and PLAYERS)
– Added /dynmap url (This will give you a map link, easy peasy!)
– Added Marriage (/marry, /divorce, /marry heal, /marry chat, /marry seen, and KISSING by crouch walking and touching faces, how cute )
– EnchantGUI updated, this fixed not being able to enchant books properly
– Readded Trade plugin (Shift & Right Click a player to commence a trade, currency is XP but can simply trade item for item if you wish!)
– Added Enderbag, an item to access your enderchest inventory on the go 🙂 (Will post crafting recipe below!)
– Added Rules, must read and accept the rules to play!
– Created a jail, break the rules and you will be jailed accordingly! You’ve been warned!
– Updated Paper to latest version to help with performance/bugs
– Fixed some bugs with some stuff in the backend
– Installed SQLite and more admin tools, our plugins should be faster now!
– Added Aikar’s flags to help maximize performance

Extra Notes:
It took us 8 Days to get the overworld file to 1.1GB
It took us 5 Days after that to double the size to 2.2GB, we’ve all put in some serious work 😀

–Overnight fixing, wasnt up til 8am on 02/16/23 after a few more crashes lol–

(02/15/23 9:30pm)
Patch Notes Day 12 (Hotfix)
– Removing leveled mobs custom drops
– Adding a maximum amount of leveled mobs you can kill (20) before they go on cooldown (2.5m) to spawn more
– Lowered amount of chunks around players that can have leveled mobs
– Re added posing (/emote happy, /sit, /lay, /bellyflop, /crawl, right-clicking certain blocks allows you to sit on them (stair cases, slabs, big drip leaves, carpets, snow and PLAYERS)

(02/15/23 5:30pm)
Patch Notes Day 12
-Added trade system (shift-rightclick on players to trade, can use XP as currency)
-Uncapped XP withdraw
-Fixed few bugs

Day 11
-Online map now has chat history
-Added /xpw all
-Adjusted many settings to decrease chances and causes for lag
-Balanced all mobs, much better scaling

– Mob Levels 1-1000 with some exceptions
– Farm Animals Level 1-100
– Ambient Animals Level 1-100
– Wandering Trader Level 1-100
– Villager/ZombieVillager 1-100
– Iron Golem 1-100
– Ender Dragon 5-100
– Wither 5-100
– Warden 5-100
– Levels increase every 200 blocks from spawn house
– Levels now have a +/- 2 level range
– Levels are higher at deeper levels below y=62
– Levels of many mobs are heigher at levels above y=80 as well!

(02/13/23 ~6am)
Day 10 (Patch 2)
– Fixed Health bar bug with leveled mobs
– Removed /ptp accept requirement
– Lowered MCMMO volume by 20%
– Fixed bug with Acrobatics (Roll)
– Added some level variance to mobs +/- 2 lvls
– Fixed leveled mob drops that weren’t working
– Increased how long health bar is shown for
– Gave “Boss Tier” mobs a minimum level of 5, max level of 100
– Added MCMMO Power Level to show below player nametag
– Fixed enchanted books not being in fishing loot table
– Fixed issue where you don’t spawn at your /home 1 after death
– Adjusted “Boss Tier” and other mob scalings, please let us know what’s broken!

(02/12/23 ~11pm)
328 SMP Day 10
– Increased the caps of the following Mcmmo skills:
– Unarmed (disarmed)
– Sword (counter attack)
– Smelting (second smelt, vanilla exp multiplier)
– Repair (repair mastery)
– Fishing (vanilla exp multiplier)
– Axes (critical strike)
– Archery (skill shot, daze)
– Alchemy (catalysis)
– Acrobatics (dodge)
– Limit break for skills are now enabled for PVE
– Adjusted settings to help reduce lag issues
– Fixed leveled mobs custom drops

(02/12/23 ~12:30am)
328 SMP Day 9
– Fixed bugs with different new things
– Updated difficulty to hard
– Uncapped custom enchants through gui
– Tweaked settings for even more performance
– Lowered /tpa cooldown 90s -> 60s
– Added support for VIP group

328 SMP Day 8 Patch Notes
– Added levelled mobs
– Mob level increase by 1 every 200 blocks
– XP and drops scale up per level
– Added angel chests (now you can be more reckless )
– Added XP withdrawal (share with your friends )
– Reduced all mcmmo abilities that have cooldowns of 240s -> 210s
– Totems of undying can now activate in any inventory slot not required to be held in main or offhand
– adjusted settings to increase performance even more
– Added /ping
– Added 1 extra set home
– Added basic permissions for future supporter role
– Added enchant GUI (use enchant tables for GUI, and SHIFT RIGHTCLICK for normal enchants)

328 SMP Day 7 Patch Notes
– Changed server-side view distance from 12 -> 16
– Updated config settings to help reduce strain when people are exploring (Will lower or raise tomorrow depending on how today goes)

328 SMP Day 5 Patch Notes
– Removed /nick
– Changed message layout to fix message crashing
– Lowered /ptp cooldown to match /tpa (90 seconds from 120 seconds)
– Lowered /ptp cooldown from being hurt to 20s from 30s
– Lowered /ptp windup from 5s to 3s, matching /tpa

328 SMP Day 3 Patch Notes
– Fixed Hover Arrows appearing in the wild so often
– Removed /home to others
– Added 2nd home permission
– Added a secret
– Coords now get sent on death
– Added /lag
– Added Block Protection, Protect your home from invaders! Has a friend system to allow your friends use your stuff too 🙂

328 SMP Day 2 Patch Notes
Custom Enchant Loot Tables Changed:

Enchant Table w/ Custom Enchant Chance: Removed
Mobs Spawn w/ Custom Enchant Chance: 5% -> 15% (Good luck, maybe you can steal some cool stuff from them if lucky)
Villagers w/ Custom Enchant Chance: 25% -> 10% (Lowered so it’s not too op)
Fishing Chance: 1% (Don’t know the prior chance but 1.0% should be low enough and makes fishers feel lucky)

Max Levels of Custom Enchants Obtainable from ways above:

Max Level 100, Max findable is Level 10
Max Level 20/25/50, Max findable is Level 5
Max Level 15, Max findable is Level 3
Max Level 10, Max findable is Level 2
Max Level 3/5, Max findable is Level 1
Max Level 1, Max findable is Level 1 with reduced gen chance from 50% -> 1% Across the board

Custom Enchant R: Can only be found if a mob spawns with it but mob spawn chance for this is 1%, SUPER DUPER RARE
Custom Enchant SC: 0.25% Gen chance so SUPER DUPER RARE TO FIND NOW